Horoscope january 29 sagittarius

The stress is spoiling your health. You need to find a way to overcome the stress as you will feel pressure for quite some time. For an instant relaxation, consider an appointment with a massage parlor or enroll in a meditation workshop. Morning walk will be beneficial for you. For the last few days you have been preoccupied with your career and job issues.

Venus enters Sagittarius

You have neglected your family and romantic relationship for the duration. So, it is now time that these aspects of your life will begin to demand more of your time. You must attend to these issues now. Otherwise there may be problems in the future.

November 29 Zodiac

Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. Opportunities and prizes you have to work hard to get are lining up now brainy planet Mercury makes you think smarter. You have to choose between an easy project with a useful cash prize and going for a difficult contest with a massive winner-takes-all-prize.

The moon joins with Venus and Jupiter in your sign to set up a day of meetings, some planned, others unexpected.

All of them will be interesting and some lead to exciting opportunities at work and in your private life. That could include love at first sight, while long-term partners could be sharing brilliant news.

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As the sun visits the financial sector of your chart, you have smart ideas for making money in your spare time. But when it comes to romance, you have the right words — plus a special way of smiling — that launches passion with a future. Friends, of whom January 29 people have many, help define their lives. They have a talent for inspiring and influencing others. They suffer their share of romantic heartaches and are often afraid of commitment because it represents loss of independence. They are capable of profound, spiritual love yet can't get past the need to hold back something of themselves.

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Whatever the drawbacks of their upbringing, January 29 men and women can find strength by transcending the challenges life sends their way. They have all the best traits for parenthood: intelligence, spirituality, humor, and patience.

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They take this role seriously, perhaps more than any other in their lives. Once men and women born on January 29 understand the value of fitness, they are likely to be lifelong converts. Like many Aquarians, they generally keep up a hectic pace yet may be unwilling to commit to anything more than the occasional trot around the block.

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