What is the zodiac sign for december 11 2019

These include mystery, secretiveness, power, and determination. On the other hand, Jupiter gives you the better qualities of Zeus, the father of the gods. As such, you are authoritative, disciplinarian, stern, and optimistic. The Cusp of Revolution has given you considerable control over your financial resources.

According to your astrological chart, you enjoy good health. However, you need to be keener concerning your hips, thighs, and abdomen. December 11 zodiac people are very determined where it concerns love matters. You never give up on your quest when you want to win the heart of your beloved.

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Also, you set very high standards for yourself. You prefer to study your partner thoroughly before you decide to commit yourself.

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For this reason, you understand the value of courtship. You see, dating provides you with the forum to engage your partner without putting your emotions at risk. Your partners appreciate the way you treat them with dignity and respect. You rarely criticize but prefer to offer guidance where you can. This has put you in the good books of all the lovers you encounter in your lifetime. When this does happen, you come across as a dedicated spouse and a loving parent.

Your family is founded on the premise of peace, love, and happiness. Loving, gentle, and trustworthy partners have a special spot in your heart. You are able to relate very well with these natives. As such, you can establish a very healthy relationship with them.

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Your relationship will be strong and unshakable if you hook up with a Gemini, Aries, and Leo. The stars indicate that you should have nothing to do with a Scorpio.

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The truth is that you are diametrically opposed to these natives. As such, you are not compatible. December 11 zodiac people are very creative. You can easily use your imagination to improve the living conditions of those around you.

Your Zodiac Sign May Have Changed — But Don’t Panic

People respect you for your great sense of self-control. Your calm and tranquil demeanor is a source of inspiration to many. It shows that that challenges can be solved with level-headedness. Being a freedom lover, you dislike having to work under constraining conditions. You believe that such conditions belong to the mediocre and the unimaginative. Those born on December 11 are very considerate to those around them. You are empathetic enough to sense the needs of the suffering. As such, you are willing to use your resources to help the less privileged.

You always look at the brighter side of things. Your sense of positivity is infectious. It creates hope for your friends and family. All the same, you have a few areas that you need to work on. These weaknesses have the potential of slowing down your progress unless you deal with them firmly. For example, you tend to be blunt and tactless in some volatile situations. It is good, to be honest. But diplomacy can go a long way in helping you resolve conflicts.

You believe in being right at all times, regardless of the facts on the ground. All in all, you have the ability to marry both the positive and the negative to create the perfect balance. Continue doing this unfailingly, and it will enable you to enjoy successful experiences. People born on December 11are in the 2nd decan of Sagittarius. Your associates prove their loyalty by supporting you in a crisis. Lucky number 1. Colour fiery red. Act with dynamic speed and energize projects that are going through difficulty. Personal relationships may be demanding and needing your support.

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Be total and focused in the moment with whatever you are doing. Social obligations may have to be met today. Lucky number 7. Colour white. Success in current projects is on the cards but it involves hard work. You could be unstable, miserable and moody when personal relationships do not work out the way you expect them to. You learn lessons from life and then lovingly teach them to others. Lucky number 8. Colour peacock blue. You are able to restructure daily routines to enhance energy and a feeling of well being. Continuous intellectual activity and analysis can be tiring, give yourself a break today!

You participate in family activities and contribute to a loving relationship. Lucky number Colour blue. Today you have the courage to be original and creative in all aspects of life. A spiritual experience exposes you to an inner sky of freedom. You view personal and professional situations from a higher perspective, gaining insight and direction for the future. Colour red. You are blessed with insight and clarity of vision as you come closer to an important goal.

You actualize your potential in a venture when given independent control. Forgive a friend for a mistake. Personal relationships need to be treated with loving care. Emotional and financial security becomes important today as you make investments and commitments. Feel the expansiveness that sharing can bring. The tension of hanging on to what you think is valuable needs to be examined. Go beyond limitations and restrictions!

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