Gibbous moon astrology

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Here's Your Lunar Personality December 23, share this: facebook twitter pintereset instagram. New Moon Phase Lunar Personality: Your life is focused on growth, learning new things, improving things. You make a great teacher and love to see the world improve around them. Full Moon Phase Lunar Personality: People born under the full moon are extraverted, and excitable, but sometimes understanding and expressing their emotions can be a hurdle.

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Waning gibbous moon phase: Caretakers, mediators, often have a strong compulsion to help others, and can end up in public service roles. Waxing crescent moon phase lunar personality: people born under this moon are very intuitive, and eager to indulge in their imaginations and fantasy. Full Profile: Waning gibbous moon phase lunar personality The waning moon is a unique and special moon in a lot of ways.

People born during the first phase after the full moon are reflective, and have the quality of being an old soul, or someone wise beyond their years. They could be interested in religious study, or could make good teachers, speechwriters, or orators of some sort.

Phases Of The Moon

They're driven by a desire to teach others what they know, and to learn as much as they can about whatever their passions are. They do, however, have a problem with being a little too preachy toward others, forgetting that conversation is supposed to be a give-and-take. A challenge for you to overcome in life is to respect the path of others, to learn boundaries, and on a more specific level, when to talk and when to listen.

Your relationships will benefit when you humble yourself. Last quarter moon children are born with a sense of nostalgia. They hold on to the past out of love, because every memory, relationship, and experience they have makes a lasting impression on them. They have a quality about them that stays the same throughout their lives, no matter their age.

They are the living representation of the phrase, "The more things change, the more they stay the same. The last quarter moon typically rises around midnight and stays in the sky until mid-day. The last quarter moon is a time of reckoning. The achievements of the past weeks may keep you on solid footing, or your mistakes may also catch up with you at this time.

There is an unsteady feeling to all things during this phase. The end of the cycle is drawing near, but there is still work to be done.


It is common to feel like life is in chaos at this time -- as if mistakes are piling up along with unexpected pitfalls. It is a time to take stock of wise decisions and to abandon bad ones. The last quarter moon is an excellent time to change a bad habit. You have learned things over the past weeks and now they must be consciously applied. Although there are pitfalls everywhere at this time, there is also a clear path forwards. Let the moon's remaining light show you the path. The eighth and final phase of the lunar cycle is the morning crescent or "waning crescent moon".

Some astrologers also refer to this phase as a "balsamic moon" or less-frequently a "dark moon".

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The morning crescent moon typically rises in the early morning hence its name just before dawn, and sets in the late afternoon. The morning crescent phase is preceded by the last quarter moon, and is followed by the new moon at the start of the next lunar monthly cycle. The morning crescent phase is a time of deep introspection. The "extroverted" phases are behind us, and a time for meditation, self-awareness and deep thought is upon us.

We look ahead to the rebirth of spiritual energy in the new moon -- but we are not yet there. Now is a time to look inside ourselves, rest and gather our energies for the coming rush of creativity that comes with the next lunar cycle. As the moon slips away into darkness we let go of tensions which arose during the cycle. We center ourselves, say goodbye to the waning crescent and connect with our inner selves. Today's Horoscopes Check out iFate's award winning daily horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs.

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Contact here X Select your sun sign. Start your day with fresh iFate insight just for you. We'll never spam you, and we don't share email addresses. The moon phase on July 20, is: general moon phase for Jul 20, Moon is in the constellation:. Moon's age from new: xxxxxxx days Moon's distance from Earth: xxxxxxx radii Ecliptic latitude: xxxxxxx degrees Ecliptic longitude: xxxxxxx degrees.

Our iFate Moonologist says if you want to be precise , the moon is:. About this moon phase. The New Moon The first lunar phase is called the "new moon". Why isn't the new moon visible? The meaning of the new moon This is time of new beginnings. The Evening Crescent Moon The second lunar phase is called the "evening crescent" or "waxing crescent moon".

The meaning of the evening crescent moon As this lunar cycle is now underway, an understanding of this cycle's energies has begun to take shape. The First Quarter Moon The third phase in the moon's monthly cycle is the "first quarter moon". The meaning of the first quarter moon With this moon above we are now deeply rooted in plans and trends which began the week before.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon The fourth phase in the monthly lunar cycle is the "waxing gibbous moon", which is the final waxing phase before the full moon. The meaning of the waxing gibbous moon Waxing gibbous moons represent times of intense anticipation. The Full Moon There is no more revered and impressive sight in the night sky than the full moon.

The meaning of the full moon The power of the full moon is awesome and everywhere. The Waning Gibbous Moon The waning gibbous traditionally begins on the 3rd or 4th day after the full moon. The meaning of the waning gibbous moon Transformation is upon us as we depart from the full moon. The Last Quarter Moon The iconic last quarter moon is the seventh phase in the monthly lunar cycle.

The meaning of the last quarter moon The last quarter moon is a time of reckoning. The Morning Crescent Moon The eighth and final phase of the lunar cycle is the morning crescent or "waning crescent moon". The meaning of the morning crescent moon The morning crescent phase is a time of deep introspection.

As the moon fades to black, the cycle is complete. Others, are like oil and water. Can your relationship work? Top level 6 "master grade" psychic - master of arts degree in spiritual psychology, natural-born I believe in being compassionate and honest in my readings. Advertising Inquiries. All content copyright iFate. Contact here. Select your sun sign.