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But to be able to self-regulate, there has to be some respect for the rights of others. Total freedom does not necessarily lead to this. And there is no bargaining leverage when there is extreme inequality, of wealth, power, talents, etc. Adjusting for inflation, between and , the income of families in the middle of the U. Capricorn precedes Aquarius. When the Saturn principle is properly expressed, we develop an internal conscience, respect the laws of the society and legitimate authority and the legal rights of others, and then we can be free to do what we please.

To repeat, extreme expressions of any of our life desires lead to pain. Life is a juggling act. Our current largely Republican leaders are pushing us back toward a hierarchical system, using the fight against terrorism to pass laws that reduce civil liberties, pushing religious organizations that are typical hierarchies to take over the protection of the people at the bottom, and using taxation to increase inequality, to expand the wealth and power of the elite at the top of the pyramid.

Turning to the chart for noon in Philadelphia on July 8, the Declaration of Independence was read to the public though it had already been printed in local newspapers. Jenson cites the Pennsylvania Gazette of July 10 as its source. But there is also a strong air focus for equality with a grand trine in air signs that includes Mars, East Point, Juno, and Pallas, though their presence in the fire houses one-five-nine mixes the equalitarian potential with the fire feeling that we know what we want and we should have the right to do it.

At the same time, the grand cross in cardinal signs and houses shows the potential for power struggles. Letters one-four-seven-ten have to integrate independence, dependence, equality, and the responsible use of power. A wide grand trine in earth signs that included Vesta, Neptune, and Pluto indicates our potential for success in coping with the physical world. After they heard it out, they reportedly pulled down a statue of George III on a horse and melted it down for rifle slugs.

The cardinal cross is still present, though the house placements have shifted. The Moon in 8 Taurus forms a T-square in fixed signs and houses to the lunar nodes and the Antivertex axis, picking up the theme of a struggle over material possessions and power. The colonial militias were desperately poor, but they were highly motivated in comparison to the mercenary forces from Germany that were hired by England.

Religious issues are still highlighted by the T-square between the Sagittarius Ascendant, Neptune in the Sagittarius house, and Mars in a sign and house ruled by Mercury. September 11, has been called a major turning point in the history of the U.


As previously indicated, the progressed positions of the five outer planets as well as the lunar nodes, Chiron, and Mars, all remain within a few minutes of longitude when we compare them at the beginning and end of that week in Pluto moves only 13 minutes, though its degree changes from 28 to 29 Capricorn. Neptune remains in 26 Virgo. Uranus remains in 6 Gemini.

Chiron also changes degrees from 16 to 17 Aries, though the movement is only 19 minutes. Saturn stays in 3 Scorpio. Jupiter retrogrades a half-degree from 16 to 15 Cancer.

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Mars was near its station during that period in early July, moving very slowly, so it remains in 18 Libra. The true lunar north node stays in 26 Cancer while the mean lunar south node stays in 25 Capricorn. Transits for events in this fall of would obviously form aspects to all four of these charts.


However, two of these charts have unique progressed patterns. In the July 2 chart, which is the date on which the Continental Congress actually passed the Resolution for Independence, Uranus made a station, shifting from retrograde to direct. In the July 9 chart, when the colonial army was notified of the momentous decision, Mars made a station, shifting from direct to retrograde. Secondary progressions theorize that each day in the sky symbolizes a year in the life of an entity, whether a person, animal, organization, or whatever.

Other than with Mercury, changes of direction of the planets only occur at intervals of many years in the life. Even Mercury only changes direction at intervals of about 22 years. Such times are associated with major changes in the area of life represented by a given planet. Both Mars and Uranus are associated with the issue of personal freedom, but they also carry very different implications. Mars is primarily focused on individual freedom, willing to fight for it, and traditionally a key to military action, so it is highly appropriate that its change of direction would occur in the chart associated with the colonial army.

Uranus is traditionally a key to revolution, to resisting any kind of limits, but its positive potential includes allowing others the same freedom one desires for oneself. As an air planet connected to the conscious intellect, it resists limits on knowledge, hence its delight in new technology, and also, as an air planet, it supports equalitarian democracy. The Uranus change of direction in the initial vote for independence calls attention to the issue of whether freedom will be universal or limited to some members of the society.

Over our plus years of history, we have gradually moved toward more universal freedom. The most dramatic step was taken with the abolishment of slavery during the Civil War, but increasing the numbers of citizens allowed to vote was also extremely important. From limiting the vote to white male property owners to enfranchising blacks and women, we have moved toward more democracy. We still have proxies rather than letting the popular vote elect our president, so in the right-wing Supreme Court was able to give the office to the representative of the wealthy elite.

We still vote on a weekday rather than a weekend, making it harder for ordinary workers to get to the polls. Limiting voting to a single day also contributes to that result, as do restrictions on voter registration in some states, and permanent disfranchisement of felons even after they were guilty of only minor crimes and have served their prison time. The protestors against increased free trade are not just post-Marxists.

They are actually seeking to protect individual freedoms against the increasing move of our country toward a culture of hierarchy, and their lack of constructive alternatives that is condemned by Rauch is limited to a relatively small number of young and violent and usually male anarchists.

There are many true liberals who urge the US to stop trying to rule the world with military force and to live up to our claims of supporting both freedom and equality under laws which limit the ability of a small oligarchy to control the world. The countries of Western Europe have done a better job than the U.

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It will be interesting to see whether an increasingly united Europe will be able to hold on to its liberal values, or whether its elite will join the U. P Mars maintains this T-square for many years. To add to the intensity of this power-struggle pattern, when the U. Remember, this is not a rectified chart. It is drawn for a historically recorded event that was tracked down by Doc Cottle in the bicentennial World Almanac.

Pluto in the first house and Juno, which carries the same meaning as Pluto, on the MC, reinforce the central issue of the handling of joint money, possessions, resources, and power. Among the details associated with letter eight are taxes, inheritance, return on investments, and endings, including death. When positively handled, letter eight is where we learn self-knowledge through the mirror of our close relationships, and self-mastery out of respect for the rights of the people in those relationships. It completes the interpersonal section of our life and prepares us to handle the transpersonal section where we deal with the search for Truth, the Laws of society and the universe, the issue of freedom and equality for everyone and openness to new knowledge, and the awareness of the connectedness of life that produces empathy and compassion.

When hurting others is experienced as hurting ourselves, we have experienced letter twelve. But life still includes our right to protect ourselves, to avoid carrying the savior role into martyrdom. Turning the other cheek is not an effective way to deal with a sociopath who believes that only his desires matter and he has the right to do whatever he wants.

Life challenges us to integrate personal rights, interpersonal face-to-face relationships, and transpersonal issues. They are all essential parts of life. And, to hammer in the focus on letter eight in this chart, P Juno has been conjunct the local Ascendant since August That fall, the Republicans became the majority power in the House of Representatives for the first time in years, and were able to push the country further toward a culture of hierarchy. P Juno will remain within one degree of the N Ascendant until January Tribune News Service is the one-stop shop for all your content needs.

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Romantically involved in July Gain by writing in October. Having read a few Time Life books on the sciences — and showing signs of early-onset haughty blowhardism — I would laugh to the point of nearly hurting myself when reading such claims.

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The idea that the location of the planets, the sun and the moon at the moment of your birth would not just shape your personality but inform whether you should change jobs or wear a sweater 30 years later was ludicrously silly. After hearing such inanities, I was indeed. But not because of planetary alignments at my moment of birth. The case that astrology is ridiculous is ridiculously easy to make.

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In addition, the astrological community largely ignores evidence that contradicts its ideas. If ice creams could have zodiac signs, cookies and cream would be a Libra — obsessed with balance and equilibrium. I emailed Judkis and Wortham to ask if their lines were intended as jokes or ironically and never heard back, so, as hard as it is to believe, they very well may have been serious. Really, American journalism? This nonsense is now OK on the regular pages, not the funny pages?

But a younger colleague who heard me whine about the high-profile references to astrology signs told me that a belief in astrology is common in her circles — and, wow, is that confirmed by Nexis research. The Atlantic reported last year that Sure it is.

But what religion encourages people to believe that everyone falls into strict categories and should be expected to behave in certain ways because of the circumstances of their birth? As Benjamin Radford , deputy editor of the Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, writes I can expect this particular sort of behavior or trait stubbornness, laziness, arrogance, etc. In both cases, the prejudices will cause people to seek out and confirm their expectations. As the futuristic io9 website notes , astronomer Phil Plait makes a similar point Astrology promotes the worst thing in the world: uncritical thinking.